Jetty Rehab – A Case Study


Structures that encounter the wrath of sea water undergo deterioration and corrosion. One such structure is the Salt Works Jetty at Jamnagar, Gujarat. It is a remotely located, 245 m long structure with a 61-m berth. This jetty suffered from continuous exposure to sea water. The structure was deteriorating; therefore, the possibility of instability and collapse could have been high.

Our team at Chowgule was determined to take up this rehabilitation project to protect the jetty from any further damage. On site investigation, the following issues were noted:
1. Deterioration and corrosion of the concrete
2. Ingress of sea water
3. Rusting of steel reinforcement

Therefore, on further examination, the following steps for rehabilitation were planned.

  •  Concrete repair
  •  Concrete rehabilitation
  •  Waterproofing to avoid leakages

The exposed concrete surface required coating with a high-performance anticorrosive agent. Concrete repair necessitated the use of high strength, self-curing, structural repair mortars; polyurethane grout injection for increasing strength; and an acrylic protective coating for waterproofing.

Immediate action was required because a delay in rehabilitation could damage the structure further,resulting in collapse.

The rehabilitation process was initiated, and best quality products from our vast repertoire were used as follows:

  •  Loose parts of the concrete that expose the steel were removed
  •  Grinders were used to remove the rust from the steel by buffing
  •  The rust converter was applied to the buffed steel, and the steel was rebuffed after 24 hours to remove the residual rust
  •  The entire substrate was washed clean using water
  •  High performance, anticorrosive coating (AB COR 926 LV) was applied on rebars
  •  New steel was welded where corrosion was prominent, and old and new steel were welded
  •  An epoxy based primer (AB POX 002) was coated on the concrete
  •  Self-curing MortaRep SuperStrong repair mortar was sprayed on the concrete
  •  Polyurethane (PUR Grout 3011) was injected to increase the strength and durability of the concrete
  •  High-performance acrylic coating (AB COR 971) was then applied for waterproofing

Once the process was initiated, the entire project was completed in a record time of 3 months. Thus, the life of this jetty was saved in time and it still stands strong.

Our goal of assisting in building stable structures is as strong as that of building trust among our patrons. We are here to save your beloved constructions, assuredly with the best products and services that we at Chowgule have to offer.


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