Annual Athletic Meet, YMCA Mumbai


From 24th to 27th November 2016, the 41st Bombay YMCA Annual State level Athletic Meet 2016 was held at University Ground, Marine lines, Mumbai. In all, 131 events were held, with 18 participants in the age group ranging from under 6 to over 45 years. Spandan Eco Foundation has participated in this state level event for the past 3 years.

This year’s event was a grand success. The experienced sprinters and athletes who participated definitely demonstrated the competitive spirit that kept this event pumping and full of energy. Generally, participants must win at the district level to enter state level competitions; however, this event provided them with an opportunity to directly participate in a state level competition. This encouragement has provided these talented athletes with motivation to compete further, with a morale boost for those who have never had the opportunity to participate in athletics at the state level.

A special mention of the star performers:

Kalidas Hirve, Snehal Hirve and Akansha Shellar are National level participants. Furthermore, Janabai Hirve and Akash Hirve are International level participants. Akash Hirve had been selected to represent Indian team in World Cross Country. Kalidas Hirve is a senior level national athlete who has the potential to enter into the Olympics, Commonwealth games, Asian games. He had participated in the Standard Chartered full marathon in Mumbai 2 years ago and stood at the 7th place.

Their coach, Rajguru Kochale, appreciates the support received from Spandan in terms of sports equipment, diet, and economic support which has helped in the growth of such outstanding athletes.


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