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India’s longest and safest tunnel has recently been constructed in Jammu and Kashmir. Located on the Jammu-Srinagar highway, the Chenani-Nashri tunnel is 10.89 km long and is built using software-based Australian tunnel technology to prevents collision, rendering it the safest tunnel. It is bi-directional and has four lanes.

This tunnel has a unique and single software-controlled Integrated Tunnel System, including systems for entrance detection control, electrical fire signalling, video surveillance, and evacuation. Apparently, this is India’s safest tunnel that can control and set the speed limit for vehicles based on the number of vehicles inside the tunnel with the help of cameras and the traffic control system. In addition, at every 150 m, the tunnel provides an emergency SOS box, a fire hydrant, and a safety evacuation passage that runs parallel to the tunnel. The tunnel also has video surveillance to ensure complete safety.

The Chenani-Nashri tunnel, costing upto Rs 2,519 crore, will reduce the distance between Chenani and Nashri from 41 km to 10.89 km, which reduces the journey time from 2.5 hours to over 10 minutes.

Furthermore, 12 other such projects are in the pipeline to control traffic and reduce the travel time for vehicles. These tunnels will drastically decrease the travel distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 62 km.  

In future, such projects should be encouraged in other major cities to reduce travel time and ensure maximum safety to travellers.


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