Adventures of Trump: USA, India, and China


In the struggle to make America great again, are we in the light of a new hope? Donald Trump has been elected as the President of USA. With raucous claims against immigrants and countries that are so-called threats, Trump has created an air of uncertainty and disparity among American citizens and the rest of the world alike. What this holds for America can only be speculated, but what this holds for other countries is a global concern. Considering the fact that a significant number of Indian voters chose to elect Trump over Clinton, we’d expect Trump to be kind to Indians. But with his ever-changing world views, anything is possible. Let us see how India can be affected under Trump’s presidency.

Trump displays a deep appreciation when it comes to Indians. In the past he has acknowledged and appreciated the hard work Indian-Americans have put in to make USA the strong economy it is. He has also stated that India is growing as an economy under the leadership of Modi. Many economists speculate if Trump were to implement his campaign policies and crackdown on illegal immigration then it would directly benefit the immigrants entering USA legally. Waiting list times for residency would not only reduce for Indians but also for other immigrants. Many new jobs would be left open if Trump were to deport millions of illegal immigrants thus indirectly benefitting Indians who apply for them legally.

In the past, Trump has said that India would become America’s best friend while maintaining a strong rhetoric against China. In the recent years China has violated many International laws, trade agreements, World Trade Organization(WTO) embargos and has been alleged to be involved in currency devaluation. The US has a trade deficit of about 500billion$ with China and it has been growing every year. Trump has been very vocal of this and seems to have plans to shift the trade from China to India. India has always played fair and has a good relation in all aspects with the US. Being a main exporter to the US is a very big possibility for India in a Trump administration. Given the manufacturing initiatives taken by India in the last couple of years in addition to a Trump diplomacy would benefit India immensely.

Apart from this, Trump’s haste to get rid of ISIS and his strong opinions on terrorism and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons suggest that he may require India as a defense base, which could result in strengthened military ties between India and USA. Trump may even cut-off aid to Pakistan, similar to the policy with regard to China, to somehow stop funding terrorism.

Running the entire gamut, wherever Trump’s standpoint lies with regard to India, in his best interest, Trump towers are coming to India soon. Things seems optimistic for now and the next few months would give us a better clarification.


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